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  1. Cobra is the most dangerous snake in india.cobra is the only one snake that's making a nest for the laying own eggs
  2. A large, highly venomous snake, the Indian cobra feeds on rodents, lizards, and frogs. As well as biting, the Indian cobra can attack or defend itself from a distance by spitting venom, which, if it enters the opponent's eyes, causes severe pain and damage
  3. The Indian cobra (sometimes referred to as the Asian cobra, binocellate cobra, or spectacled cobra) is a species of highly-venomous snake from the Elapidae family. Considered a member of the Big Four, the Indian cobra is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous snakes on the Indian Subcontinent due to its powerful.
  4. The king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a venomous snake species of elapids endemic to jungles in Southern and Southeast Asia.The sole member of the genus Ophiophagus, it is distinguishable from other cobras, most noticeably by its size and neck patterns.The king cobra is the world's longest venomous snake, with an average length of 3.18 to 4 m (10.4 to 13.1 ft), reaching a maximum of 5.85 m.
  5. The Indian cobra. The term cobra effect was coined by economist Horst Siebert based on an anecdote of an occurrence in India during British rule. The British government, concerned about the number of venomous cobras in Delhi, offered a bounty for every dead cobra. Initially, this was a successful strategy; large numbers of snakes were killed.

The Indian cobra is kept in a covered basket and has had its fangs removed. Decorated pungi or been (flutes) for sale to tourists on ground. indian cobra stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Cobra snake Computer generated 3D illustration with a cobra snake indian cobra stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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Distressed cobra changed his direction suddenly & attacked The Indian Cobra's most known characteristic features are the wide black band on the underside of the neck, and the hood marking design which shows half-rings on either side of the hood. It is a smooth-scaled snake with black eyes, a wide neck and head, and a medium-sized body. Its colouring varies from black, to dark brown, to a creamy white The Naja naja or spectacled cobra is found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh (Wuster, 1998b; Kularatne, 2009). N. kaouthia or the monocellate cobra, is found in northeastern India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, southern Vietnam, and China. Other Indian Naja include N. oxiana (northern India) and N. sagittifera (Andaman cobra) (Wuster, 1998b) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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  1. Indian Cobra - 3 Photos: Indian Cobra (Naja naja) Photo no. 13597. Indian Cobra (Naja naja) Photo no. 13595. Indian Cobra (Naja naja) Photo no. 1830. Photos for publishing Download photos to assess the quality and suitability for your use. Online photos are available for printing up to A4 / 300dpi. We will send you a larger size on request
  2. Characteristics: King Cobra: Indian Cobra: Size: It is the largest cobra species. It is comparatively small in body size. Habitat: It lives in dense highland forests and areas that have streams and rivers as it is an excellent swimmer
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  5. Indian cobras (Naja naja) are known by many common names like spectacled cobra, Asian cobra, and binocellate cobra. They are one of the big four snake species in India along with the king cobra, russel viper, echis carinatus and banded krait
  6. indian cobra with markings on head - indian cobra stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images engraving snake charmer in india from 1873 - indian cobra stock illustrations Historical image of various of poisonous snakes: Pelamis bicolor, Crotalus durissus, Pelias berus, Naja, Elaps corallinus, Bothrops brasiliensis
  7. The Indian cobra (Naja naja) also known as the Spectacled cobra, Asian cobra or Binocellate cobra is a species of the genus Naja found in the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan) and a member of the big four species that inflict the most snakebites on humans in India. This snake is revered in Indian mythology and culture, and is often seen with snake charmers


Description: Here's the Indian Cobra, a venomous snake from the indian subcontinent. Number of Variants: 3 Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? Yes Baby Model? No Zoopedia? Ye Indian Cobra (Naja naja) or Spectacled Cobra is a species of the genus Naja found in the Indian subcontinent and a member of the big four, the four species which inflict the most snakebites in India.This snake is revered in Indian mythology and culture, and is often seen with snake charmers Snake 3d, 3d Snake, Indian Cobra, Snakebite, python Family, elapidae, king Cobra, boas, kingsnake, Boa constrictor, colubridae, rattlesnak COBRA (backronym for COmmando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a special operation unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of India proficient in guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare. Originally established to counter the Naxalite problem, CoBRA is deployed to address insurgent groups engaging in asymmetrical warfare. Currently numbering ten battalions, CoBRA is ranked among one of.

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The binocellate Indian Cobra Naja naja, The Monocellate Cobra Naja kaouthia, The Central Asian Cobra Naja oxiana, The Andaman Cobra Naja sagittifera, There is a possibility that the Burmese Spitting Cobra Naja mandaleyensis is also found in the general area of Manipur - Mizoram Indian cobra (plural Indian cobras) A cobra of the species Naja naja, having on its hood two circular ocelli patterns connected by a curved line. Synonyms . spectacled cobra, Asian cobra; Translation Natuurwonderen African chamaeleon and Indian cobra - Raymond L. Ditmars? - 1915 - EYE FLM45528 - OB 685418.ogv 5 min 26 s, 720 × 404; 59.9 MB Some ophidians at home. വാവ സുരേഷ്.jpg 240 × 320; 15 K Naja naja (Indian Cobra) Naja naja (Indian Cobra) Naja naja (Indian Cobra) Trends Genet. 2020 Oct;36(10):804-806. doi: 10.1016/j.tig.2020.06.007. Epub 2020 Aug 4. Authors Kushal Suryamohan 1 , Somasekar Seshagiri 2 Affiliations 1 MedGenome Inc., Foster City, CA 94404, USA. 2 ModMab Therapeutics, Foster City, CA 94404, USA; SciGenom Research.

The Indian cobra Naja naja, also known as the spectacled cobra, Asian cobra, or binocellate. Indian Cobra Snake. Long shot of an Indian Cobra also called as Naag in Hindi Language. Cobra is a highly venomous snake. Portrait Indian cobra in Rishikesh, India. closeup. Portrait Indian cobra in Rishikesh, India The Indian Cobra 1. The Indian Cobra. By Jeriah 2. Weight and Length The regular weight of an Indian Cobra is 20 pounds or so and the length is 7 feet ! Biggest Indian Cobra in the world What sounds good for dinner? 3. Colors of an Indian Snake Did you know that an Indian Snake color is brown, blue, white, and black Slideshow Share image « Snake skin shoes made from Burmese python and Indian Cobra Share this image... Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) - Indian Cobra Author : RNDr. Jan Ševčík [ Other photographs by this... Ray Naylor - West African Green Mamba and Indian Cobra Indian Cobras were once killed for their venom and during staged fights with. Photo about Close view of Indian cobra, Naja naja, also known as the Spectacled cobra, Asian cobra or Binocellate cobra, India. Image of hood, animals, charmer - 12417083

Snake charmer in Jaipur (India) in 2008. Snake charming is the practice of appearing to hypnotize a snake (often a cobra) by playing and waving around an instrument called a pungi. A typical performance may also include handling the snakes or performing other seemingly dangerous acts, as well as other street performance staples, like juggling. 7. Indian Cobra (0.29 mg per kg) One of the most venomous snakes living in the Indian subcontinent, the Indian cobra is a member of the big four which are the four species of snakes responsible for most snakebites on humans in India. However, the Indian cobra, despite its fierce reputation, is highly revered by Hindus and even worshiped. King cobras live mainly in the rain forests and plains of India, southern China, and Southeast Asia, and their coloring can vary greatly from region to region. They are comfortable in a variety of.

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Indian cobra is part of WikiProject Amphibians and Reptiles, an effort to make Wikipedia a standardized, informative, comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for amphibians and reptiles.If you would like to participate, you can choose to edit this article, or visit the project page for more information. C This article has been rated as C-Class on the project's quality scale Indian cobra synonyms, Indian cobra pronunciation, Indian cobra translation, English dictionary definition of Indian cobra. Noun 1. Indian cobra - a cobra of tropical Africa and Asia Naja naja genus Naja, Naja - cobras cobra - venomous Asiatic and African elapid snakes that can..

Indian Cobra is a highly venomous snake which is found in the Indian sub continent. It is now protected in India under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act (1972). India Cobra is a harmful snake and is one of the big four, species inflicting the most snakebite in India. The species name of the Indian Cobra is naja Naja naja (Indian Cobra) is a species of snakes in the family Elapids. They are listed in cites appendix ii. They are native to the Palearctic and Asia. They are diurnal carnivores. Individuals can grow to 98 cm. They have sexual reproduction. Reproduction is dioecious We report a de novo near-chromosomal genome assembly of Naja naja, the Indian cobra, a highly venomous, medically important snake. Our assembly has a scaffold N50 of 223.35 Mb, with 19 scaffolds containing 95% of the genome. Of the 23,248 predicted protein-coding genes, 12,346 venom-gland-expressed genes constitute the 'venom-ome' and this.

Mar 31, 2014 - Photo about The hood back side of an Indian Cobra. Image of venomous, spectacled, snake - 2056918 The Indian cobra (or Indian spectacled cobra, Naja naja) was formerly considered a single species with much the same distribution as the king cobra.Recently, however, biologists have discovered that nearly a dozen species exist in Asia, some being venom spitters and others not. They vary both in size (most ranging between 1.25 and 1.75 metres) and in the toxicity of their venom The big four dangerous snakes of India includes Indian Cobra, Krait, Russell's viper and Saw-scaled viper. Every year 20,000 people die due to venomous snake bites in India, Other facts about snakes of India are - King cobra is the most poisonous snakes in India and krait is the most deadly and dangerous snake of India

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  1. Indian Cobra (Naja naja) or Spectacled Cobra is a species of the genus Naja found in the Indian subcontinent and a member of the big four, the four species which inflict the most snakebites in India. This snake is revered in Indian mythology and culture, and is often seen with snake charmers. It is now protected in India under the Indian.
  2. Inside Missouri's Indian Cobra Scare Of 1953. Shutterstock. By Karen Corday / Oct. 20, 2020 1:25 pm EDT. Plenty of snakes are commonly found in Missouri, per the Missouri Department of Conservation, including such favorites as the prairie kingsnake, the Eastern yellow-bellied racer, and the Plains hog-nosed snake
  3. Compared with the king cobra genome 19, also an elapid, the Indian cobra genome contained far fewer scaffolds (296,399 versus 1,897, respectively), and had 929-fold better contiguity (scaffold N50.
  4. Indian Cobra Naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) kingdom Animalia - animals » phylum Chordata - chordates » order Squamata - lizards and snakes » family Elapidae » genus Naja - Common Cobras Scientific synonyms. Naja naja naja (Linnaeus, 1758) Naja naja bombaya Deraniyagala, 1961 Naja naja ceylonicus Chatman.
  5. Indian Cobra vs Philippine Eagle. The Philippine eagle is looking around for food. He sees the Indian cobra and flies towards the snake. The cobra sees the eagle and goes on the defensive since the bird saw through his camouflage. He lunges towards the eagle, trying to bite the eagle. The eagle flies back but then flies towards the cobra again.
  6. The Cobra Effect: Lessons in Unintended Consequences. Human beings react to every rule, regulation, and order governments impose, and their reactions result in outcomes that can be quite different than the outcomes lawmakers intended. Every human decision brings with it unintended consequences
  7. The Indian cobra genome and the catalog of target toxins are a blueprint needed to do this. For the first time, we now have a full list of venom-relevant toxin genes of the Indian cobra. Dr. George Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, AgriGenome Labs, India said, The Indian cobra is the first of the 'big four' deadly snakes to be sequenced

The Indian cobra, also known as the spectacled cobra, Asian cobra, or binocellate cobra, is a species of the genus Naja found, in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan, and a member of the big four species that inflict the most snakebites on humans in India. 1 Gallery 1.1.. New Delhi: A picture of a king cobra gulping down another cobra is the latest addition to the category of a scary thing, and has gone viral on the internet. The video has left internet users astonished who have been dropping all sorts of comments on it. The incredible picture of the giant reptile feeding on the spectacle cobra was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter

Immunochemical cross-reactivity of neurotoxic phospholipase A2 enzymes from Indian cobra (Naja naja naja) venom using polyclonal antibodies. Basavarajappa BS(1), Guru SC, Gowda TV. Author information: (1)Department of Studies in Biochemistry, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, India Kerala man hired Indian cobra to bite his wife and kill her, say cops. The woman's family had raised suspicions about her death as it was the second time she suffered a snakebite in three months Viral Video: When you think of a snake, the first word that comes to mind is fear! However, there are also many people who have overcome this fear and one of them is a girl called Shweta. In a. The Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Indian Cobra (Snake Snake Fruit, Model: Indian Cobra) is a Zoan Devil Fruit that allows the user to become an Indian Cobra or Indian Cobra-Human hybrid. It was eaten by Veleno Gun. 1 Appearance 2 Strengths 3 Weaknesses 4 Usage 4.1 Animal Form 4.2 Hybrid Form A pure black pineapple with swirls. This fruits main strength is that it allows the user to change into three.

A white cat has been caught on camera displaying a mind-blowing act of bravery against a slithering cobra in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar by protecting its home. The venomous snake took an attack position, raising its head, as if feeling threatened, just outside the house of the cat's owner Cobras are large snakes; many species reach more than 6 feet long (2 meters). According to Cape Snake Conservation, the forest cobra is the largest true cobra, reaching 10 feet (3 m), and Ashe's. Indian Cobra. Also known as Common Cobra here in Nepal. I simply love snakes but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to photograph one. Done. ladyloneranger, fouramjava and 2 more people faved this View 3 previous comments. Tim Martin 15y. Excellent image! Beautiful snake!-

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  1. Indian cobra definition, a highly venomous cobra, Naja naja, common in India, having markings resembling a pair of spectacles on the back of the hood. See more
  2. g entrepreneur has done a noble act by adopting an animal. This talented man has adopted Indian Cobra from the Zoo Authority of Karnataka Bannerghatta Biological Park, Banglore. He has provided funds to the zoo for the protection of Indian Cobra and has received the certificate.
  3. Monocled cobra has a 'eye' like design on the back of its hood whereas Spectacled Cobra has a 'U' shaped marking or it may have no marking on the back of its hood. To display its hood, a cobra raises its forebody from the ground and flares its neck. Now the Rat Snake also mimics this behavior just to pretend to be a cobra
  4. indian cobra meaning in Bengali - মারাত্মক বিষধর গোখরো সাপ বিশেষ, ; | indian cobra এর বাংলা অর্থ, What is the definition of indian cobra in Bengali? What is the meaning of indian cobra in Bengali

Common names: Cobra, Indian Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, ( Naja naja is a species of venomous snake native to the Indian subcontinent. It is the most famous of the Big Four, the four most venomous snakes of India for which a single polyvalent antivenom has been created. Like other cobras, N. naja is famous for its threat display involving raising the front part of its body and spreading its hood The Indian cobra was formerly considered a single species. Recently, however, biologists have discovered that several species in Asia actually differ enough from the Indian cobra to be reclassified. The Indian cobra is a favorite cobra of snake charmers. Indian cobra adults grow between 4 feet (1.3 meters) and 6 feet (1.8 meters) long Medical definition of Indian cobra: a very venomous cobra of the genus Naja (N. naja) that is found especially about settled areas and dwellings in southern and eastern Asia and eastward to the Philippines, that is yellowish to dark brown usually with spectacle-shaped black and white markings on the expansible hood, and that sometimes reaches a length of 6 feet (1.8 meters)

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The Indian Cobra continues to be very awe inspiring. It is venerated by the Indians and that is evident from the fact that every year the Nagpanchami or the Serpent festival is celebrated. The Indian Cobra is found in the Manas Wildlife sanctuary and in the National parks of Corbett, Namdhapa and Sunderbans.. indian cobra with markings on head - indian cobra stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images snakes, wood engravings, published in 1897 - indian cobra stock illustrations rattlesanke viper and cobra hunting rabbit illustration - indian cobra stock illustration The authors determined that the Indian cobra has two complete sets of chromosomes from each parent totaling 19 pairs, among which 1 pair contains the sex chromosomes. A method called karyotyping was used to visualize chromosomes from various cell types using sophisticated microscopy

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The Indian cobra or the spectacled cobra (Naja naja) is one of the most venomous snakes found in India and is responsible for a large number of snake bite fatalities in the country. The species has widespread distribution throughout the Indian subcontinent with the exception of high altitude mountains above 2,000 feet and desert regions Cobra USA offers the best in high performance motorcycle exhausts and accessories. Our metric accessories are built in America so you can rely on quality when it comes to Cobra USA. Our proprietary fuel management system works with any exhaust Dog Vs Cobra Snake Attack Dog Attacks Indian King Cobra Snake. misc. 1:55. Battle Dogs Vs King Cobra ¦ Cobra Big Battle In The Desert Dog and the unexpected. Animal World. Yükselişe geçenler Jennifer Aniston. Yükselişe geçenler. Jennifer Aniston. 54:38. Friends Reunion Jennifer Aniston Matthew Perry Review Spoiler Discussion

The cobra seems to be enjoying the cold shower. The video has evoked thousands of views since it was posted online. Head bath for the King! A King Cobra gets a head bath to cool off in the summer heat The King Cobra has enough venom to kill an elephant or 20 men; so don't ever try this yourself From the absolutely amazing @susantananda Scopri video professionali e filmati stock su Indian Cobra disponibili in licenza per uso in campo cinematografico, televisivo, pubblicitario e aziendale. Getty Images offre video rights-ready esclusivi e royalty-free analogici, HD e 4K di altissima qualità A West African banded cobra has been missing since Tuesday evening, and wildlife experts are on the lookout for the venomous creature in Grand Prairie, Texas. The cobra escaped from Tre Mat's. NAJA NAJA (Indian Cobra). JUVENILE COLORA TION. Naja naja. is broadly distributed in southern Asia and the only cobra spe-cies recorded from Sri Lanka (Wüster 1998. Hamadryad-Madras

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King Cobra Is The World's Longest Venomous Snake . King cobras are huge! Adults of this species can attain lengths of up to 3.18 to 4 m. The longest known specimen has measured 5.85 m. King Cobra Is India's National Reptile And Features Prominently In Indian Culture . Indian culture is renowned for its reverence of creatures of nature Cobra: Directed by George P. Cosmatos. With Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen, Reni Santoni, Andrew Robinson. A tough-on-crime street cop must protect the only surviving witness to a strange murderous cult with far-reaching plans Therefore, the present study in addition to isolation and characterization, systematically addresses the precise func- Hyaluronidase samples (14.5 mg in 2 ml of equilibrating tion in ECM degradation and subsequent spreading property buffer) from the Sephadex G-75 column were loaded onto a of hyaluronidase from Indian cobra (Naja naja) venom Odobenocetops peruvianus; Loganellia (Imago) Ambient Rhamphorhynchus (Bunyupy) Ambient Sordes (Bunyupy) Ambient Flytech Dragonfly (Stargatedalek) Ambient Cancer Crab (Whalebite

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Indian cobra genome sequenced in search for new antivenom. A large international team of researchers affiliated with corporate and academic institutions has sequenced the genome of the Indian. Each year, about 46,000 people die and 140,000 people are disabled in India from snakebites by the 'Big 4' — the Indian cobra, the common krait, Russell's viper, and the saw-scaled viper Definition of indian cobra in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of indian cobra. What does indian cobra mean? Information and translations of indian cobra in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web La cobra india o cobra de anteojos (Naja naja) es una especie de serpiente venenosa originaria del Subcontinente indio.Como otras cobras, la cobra de anteojos es famosa por el capuchón que despliega alrededor de su cabeza cuando se encuentra excitada o amenazada.En la parte de atrás del capuchón tiene dos manchas negras unidas por una línea curva, que da la impresión de ser unos anteojos

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Author summary Annually, India is burdened by the highest number of snake envenomations across the globe, with over 58,000 fatalities and three times the number of morbidities, predominantly affecting the rural agrarian communities. The spectacled cobra (Naja naja) and Russell's viper (Daboia russelii) are responsible for the vast majority of envenomations in the country, in part, due to. Shows cytolytic activity on many different cells by forming pore in lipid membranes. In vivo, increases heart rate or kills the animal by cardiac arrest. In addition, it binds to heparin with high affinity, interacts with Kv channel-interacting protein 1 (KCNIP1) in a calcium-independent manner, and binds to integrin alpha-V/beta-3 (ITGAV/ITGB3) with moderate affinity (By similarity) Naja naja (Indian cobra) Status. Reviewed-Annotation score: -Experimental evidence at protein level i. Function i. Binds with high affinity to muscular (alpha-1/CHRNA1) and neuronal (alpha-7/CHRNA7) nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) and inhibits acetylcholine from binding to the receptor, thereby impairing neuromuscular and neuronal.

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↑As you may know ALL of my solo projects (...) and the Hispa Designs work is Public Domain - Stated by Bunyupy at The ZT2 Round Tabl Discover How Long Indian cobra Lives. OUR DATA: We use the most recent data from these primary sources: AnAge, UMICH, Max Planck, PanTHERIA, Arkive, UKC, AKC

COBRA is an unprecedented journey into the natural history of the wild King Cobra-following them into their world-revealing what they do, where they go, and who they interact with-when we are not around. And surprisingly, the people of India are very much a part of the story. Early evidence suggests that kings might be more intertwined with humans than previously thought., making this project. An Indian cobra (Naja naja) was filmed laying 23 eggs in Odisha's Bhubaneswar. The cobra was rescued from a family's home by a snake catcher on April 27. The state's Snake Helpline filmed the.

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searching for Indian cobra 19 found (115 total) alternate case: indian cobra. Pantala Naga Pampa (228 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article for snake, making at least one third of the phrase publicly verifiable. Pampa is snake in Tamil. Naga Pamba is the Tamil word for the Indian Cobra Indian cobra Naja naja naja (8.83%, N = 46; family Elapidae), Gray's rat snake Coluber ventromaculatus (7.87%, N = 41; family Colubridae), Common krait Bungarus caeruleus (7.49%, N = 39; family Elapidae) and Checkered keel-back Xenochrophis piscator piscator (7.29%, N = 38; family Colubridae) were the most abundant and diversified species, whereas Northern wolf snake Lycodon striatus striatus. In the Indian cobra genome, the authors identified 19 key toxin genes, the only ones that should matter in snakebite treatment. This week, an international team of researchers reported that they have sequenced the genome of the Indian cobra, in the process identifying the genes that define its venom Shows cytolytic activity on many different cells by forming pore in lipid membranes. In vivo, increases heart rate or kills the animal by cardiac arrest. In addition, it binds to heparin with high affinity, interacts with Kv channel-interacting protein 1 (KCNIP1) in a calcium-independent manner, and binds to integrin alpha-V/beta-3 (ITGAV/ITGB3) with moderate affinity The molecular mechanism underlying the hemolytic and cytolytic processes of cobra cytotoxins (CTXs) is not yet fully elucidated. To examine this, we analyzed the amino acid sequences, hemolytic and cytotoxic activities, and affinities to phospholipids of the five major CTXs purified from the venom of Indian cobra, Naja naja In the present study, we document to explore an approach to conjugate gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with protein toxin (NKCT1), a protein toxin from the Indian cobra (Naja kaouthia) venom, and to establish its antileukemic activity. GNP was prepared by NaBH 4 reduction method. UV-vis spectroscopy of GNP showed the absorbance at 530 nm for plasma.